Café com DUNA nos jardins do fiordo, caderno de opinião destaque para: Professora Clarissa Xavier, fundadora do projeto mulher com livro, escritora e editora em Duna Escritores Editora, membro do CSA Conselho Social Administrativo de DUNA ONG Corp, COO MG e Editora Colunista em Duna Press Periódico, onde aborda com precisão a importância da decisão do presidente dos Estados Unidos da América Donald Trump ao declarar oficialmente Jerusalém como a Capital de Israel.

We all need to honor the Family. It seems to me that any decision which privileges Family is indeed the right thing to do. To defend and protect the Family institution is a matter of public healthy and collective welfare. For the Family is the basis of society. Without the strength and power of the Family society gets lost, cities become chaotic and nations go to ruin. It is necessary to rescue principles and values as well as safeguard the Family institution. A well-structured and constituted Family is what guarantees integral human development and also better days for all of us, especially children. The time is now for us to make a decision. The right decision:fight for Family institution. Because Family represents union, aggregation, congregation, coexistence, love and respect to the differences. This is what Family is all about. And this is exactly what the world needs to be a better place.

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