The colour of my skin
My religion
My age
That doesn’t define who I am.

My type of hair
My nationality
My genealogy
That doesn’t label the one I am.

My marital status
My social class
My poverty threshold
That doesn’t change my character.

My weight
My height
My physical appearance
That doesn’t translate what I am.

My illness
My physical disabilities
My limitations
That doesn’t make me superior or inferior.

My cleverness
My talent
My profession
That doesn’t turn me better or worse.

My culture
My family
My traditions
These are just a part of me…

Above all these
I’m a person
I’m a human
I’m a citizen.

Despite all I might have
I have a spirit
I have a soul
I have a heart.

I’m a person
And I’m only me
That is all I ever want to be

And as a person
I only pray
For the day
We can share a different world.

With no judgment
No more segregation
Or racism
Or prejudice

A world where
We could be peace!

Crédito da imagem: Cultura do Ser

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