As I play my piano
I remember old days
I came up with a melody
Something like Nina Simone.

I could sing like Holiday or Ella
Even though I’m much more like Aretha
But I’m jazz anyway.

I wish I could play sax
To better my blue notes
Duke Ellington would say
“It’s all music!”

So this my music
I’m solo
And my name is Jazz
Free Jazz!

Swinging or not
The rhythm is hot
And I’m so strong
As Mr. Armstrong’s trombone!

No matter how many
Rhapsodies in blue
Mr. Gershwin could compose
You’ll never have a clue.

How… I’m still that little musical thing
John Coltrane knew by heart
I’m still playing hard
Just like Maya.

I’m still that good old song
Bold as Charles and tough as Bessie
Eccentrically charming
For always Jazz!

Crédito da imagem: Vintage Pri