So I met Mr. Perfect

Reading an astonishing book at the park

He was classy and stylish

And when he saw me he smiled.


So I look at Mr. Perfect

I really wanted to know if

He was that perfect



The fact is quite curious

´Cause Mr. Perfect is adorable

He talks to the pets and the plants

And he shakes hands and says hello to everyone.


And everybody loves Mr. Perfect.


One day, I saw Mr. Perfect

Playing chess with old people at the square

He was so fun and lovable

He said every Sunday before church time he was there.


Then I asked Mr. Perfect

All about him, inch by inch

´Cause I actually needed to know

What makes him so perfect.


Now I see…

He is a man with purpose

Who knows exactly who he is

What he wants.


He works alone

His own business

His ideas

His requests.


Mr. Perfect is a good soul

No vices

No inconvenient

Well manners.


A good man

A lord, I would say

Brave heart

A fighter and a gentleman.


I humbly confess

I would be truly luck

If someday I meet Mr. Perfect

Out of my dreams.

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