Opportunity in Norway: Natural Living Communities,ecovillage and agroforestry


One Planet Empowering Network (OPEN), Natural Living Communities presents an astonishing opportunity which involves empowerment networks and communities in which both healthy living and well-being are the main point. The proposition is about global ecovillage network, transition movement, impact hub, edible forests (agroforestry), permaculture and aquaponic system. It concerns a nature property of 130 hectares in which the plan is to develop 5 areas: 1) a portable tiny house village, 2) a permanent forest home village, 3) guest cabins, 4) edible forest, permacultre, aquaponic greenhouse 5) creative activities. Where? In Norway! 3km away from a 130 hectares forest, 3000 m2 building with garden at Hofveien 10, Hof, Norway.

The idea is to create a beautiful village of communal houses and gardens, all designed to reduce negative impacts on the environment and raise life’s quality of families and the local population. There is a fully assembled already, available, and an active center for development of various projects, according to photos in the document. The building which is in good condition and connected to geothermal heating is perfect for home base and is now for sale. Thus the plan is to buy this building in order to create an OPEN Co-Living, Meeting & Makers Community for what we need help to secure it. The goal is natural living; handicrafts; fun activities and tested and celebrated methods for creating healthy communities as well as effective cooperation.

Moreover, a project like this is really positive not only for a particular city or country, but also and especially for the whole planet. It is at the same time an educational concept, for it embraces a real didactic experience for children who would grow up side by side with nature, learning how to properly care for it – protecting and preserving it – as well as taking advantage of everything it offers consciously , with balance, respect and harmony. A better life indeed for all and a promising future for the world. Actions like this prepare the planet to be happier and to remain safe. In times of global challenge, ideas that privilege health, cooperation, and safeguarding of nature are undoubtedly the key for better days. Feel inspired to take part in this great project. Help co-create the launch site.

Check more details including costs, plans and investments as well as pictures of the property and houses to be developed (illustrative photos) at the link provided: https://www.duna.global/anne-wirstad-proyect

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