Professionals from all over the world who work in research or as Master, PhD or Postdoctoral Professors know the importance of a scientific paper and a well-written abstract. Duna Colligere is now offering a service headed to you, lawyer, doctor, pharmacist, biologist, veterinarian, chemist, historian, geographer, geologist, pedagogue, theologian, philosopher, sociologist, jurist, professor, psychologist, linguist, engineer, physicist … So, anyone who usually needs to keep up with scientific research programs, academic projects, review articles, survey or technical papers as well as publications in scholarly journals and even professional magazines.

The service endeavors to support researchers, professors, scientists and students active in academic life and scientific written production for they often need one or more abstracts in English, Spanish or French in order to include it in their monographs or any other academic articles such as letters, case report and data or position papers. For students it is mandatory the inclusion of an abstract and for researchers the publication in a diary, periodical or trade magazine means a significant opportunity to disseminate scientific discoveries or important studies in progress in any part of the world.

Hence DUNA COLLIGERE OA – ORDARKITEKTUR is the service you need when it offers translation services or specialized version for English, Spanish, French or Portuguese in the technical, scientific, commercial and legal academic texts categories, glossaries, announcements and brochures plus abstracts for Master, Doctoral and Postdoctoral Degrees. Our price is fair and it is in accordance with the Brazilian Translators Union (SINTRA) and you can buy our services using either credit cards or paypal.To view our page and get more information: Click here.

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