Let me be

The one I am

Just the way I am

And love me still.


Let me be

Free as I can be

Knowing I won’t change

For I came to simply be.




Someone in a blue soul

So indigo as it should be

Shall we talk for a while?


It’s only me

And I’m only love

The only way I could be.




The one in a blue soul

Smiling shining being

What I’m supposed to be.


Look to me

Don’t be afraid

I do no harm.


May I talk to you?

Would you understand me?

Can’t you hear me?


I’m here

As usual

As me, myself.



Will you get together?

Would you join me?

I’m a blue soul

Do you know what I mean?


Come together

I’m not alone

You are not alone.


We are thousands

A thousand of hundreds

People in blue soul.


It’s not me

It’s not you

Now it’s



Let´s blue the world.

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