Damn it,

Mr. Thomas Langlois Lefroy

You left her behind!


Where were you

When she was happy

Where were you

When she was blowing birthday candles out?


Damn it,

Mr. Thomas Lefroy

You abandoned her!


When she needed your words

When she needed your shoulder

When she needed your embrace

You were never there for her!


For Godden’s sake,


Where were you?


Well, I´ll tell you, Sir Tom

You were out there living your life

Doing your things

Worried about your own self.


But what about Jane?


Jane was praying for you

She was composing poems to you

She was writing letters to you.


´Cause Jane believed you

She waited for you

She held the promise.


But you…You never stood by her

You never took care of her

You never protected her.


Damn it,

Mr. Tom Lefroy

You married with another girl!


Really, Mr. Lefroy?

You had what?

Seven children?


Jesus Christ!

No sense, no sensibility

Only pride and prejudice!


Miss, Austen, frankly,

You’d better run

No persuasion, no regrets.


Would you please, Lady Jane

Forget about this Mr. Lefroy

Because he is no man for you!

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