Oh, my lovely child

I’m so sorry for you

You spent countless days

Waiting waiting…


My little golden Persinette

Forever by the window

Wishing on a star

He is coming.


He said he is coming

He, the prince riding a white horse

And she is waiting

Wasting her time.


But, baby, he is not coming

And he never will.


He is a trick little spirit

He is nothing but a Rumpelstichen

Therefore he would never come

He can’t even remember what he swore.


It is always like that

He makes promises

To each and every princess

Just for fun.


He is Rumpelstichen

That’s what he does

It’s his nature

He just can’t help it.


Hence the time to leave the window has arrived

Take your hopes and dreams and live your life

He is not coming, Persinette

Not now not ever.

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