(The poem is composed by names of songs and movies about Rock ´n´Roll.)


Rock and roll

Rock awhile

Rock the joint.


Colombo Rock

Solo quiero Rock and Roll

Let´s Rock and Roll!


Rock ´n´Roll therapy.


Rock around the clock

Rock it for me

Rock Rock Rock!


Hey, Rocker,

Yes, you, Rock star

I wanna Rock ´n´Roll all night.


Rock me

I love Rock and Roll

And I wanna Rock with you.


Rock and Roll love affair…


Rock me my baby

Let there be Rock

Rock the party!

Rock and Roll heaven.


It´s only Rock ´n´Roll but I like it

Rock and Roll music

Minha vida é Rock ´n´Roll!


Let me go Rock ´n´Roll.


Rock ´n´Roll High School

The School of Rock

Jailhouse Rock.


The house is rocking

Rock the house

Can´t stop Rock ´n´Roll.


Rock & Roll time!


My Rock ´n´Roll dream,

We will rock you

Rock you like a hurricane.


Rock ´n´Roll Sweetheart…


Let it Rock

Rock da pesada

On the Rock!


Uma velha canção Rock ´n´Roll…


O bom e velho Rock ´n´Roll

Rock the people

Rockin´the world!


I´ve got a Rock ´n´Roll heart.


Co´mon Rock

Rock will never die, my Spaghetti del Rock,

Long live to Rock ´n´Roll!


Let me sing my Rock ´n´Roll,

What, it ain´t Rock ´n´Roll?

Whatever happened to my Rock ´n´Roll?


Quem é esse tal de Rock ´n´Roll?

Rock da cachorra

Ou Rock de verdade?


Who killed the Rock ´n´Roll?


Rock ´n´Roll boy

Boys and girls of Rock ´n´Roll

Save the Rock and Roll!


Aumenta que isso é Rock ´n´Roll!


In the perfect age of Rock ´n´Roll

This is more than a Rock and Roll lullaby

It´s a Rock and Roll love letter!


Won’t you satisfy my soul with the Rock and Roll?


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