One of the Duna Writers releases of the month is the e-book The Seed, a fiction entirely written in English, which tells an apparently ordinary story, however, full of surprises and famous characters. Odin, Thor and Loki are some of them and the Nordic saga goes along with lots of symbolism and adventure. Runes and other references to mythology, philosophy and spirituality mark the journey of families that demonstrate the importance of values ​​such as unity, loyalty and companionship.

Milton Rosa Jr., poet and writer, invites us to delve into a magical world that faces real problems and thus leads us to a very serious reflection: the significance of a seed, and through this perspective, the importance of a child.

The book has a quizzical glance and scrutinizes human performance and behaviors in the daily life, pointing out to the urgency to recover values ​​concerning family union, friendship and future construction. An unusual and modern look, with the presence of gods and Vikings, which in many ways contributes to a meditation on the world scenario we have witnessed.

Join Thor and his friends to a world filled with heroism and action in a march towards better and more prosperous days.

Get inspired by The Seed!

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