Under the supervision of Professor Clarissa Xavier Machado, the Nucleus Research of Norwegian Studies in Brazil has the scope to develop survey and exploration of Norway History since medieval times to the present days, providing an evolutionary panorama of both civilization and nation. The studies are formulated in order to encourage interest in educational, social, political and economic fields that would be essential as a basis for developing countries to be inspirited by Norwegian experience and society in all areas. It also contemplates the dissemination of Norway news on Brazil-Norway cultural movement (DUNA) periodical and magazine, organization of events such as lectures, meetings, symposia and conferences, with the participation of Brazilian and Norwegian intellectuals and students.

The Nucleus Research of Norwegian Studies in Brazil takes place in São Lourenço City, MG, Brazil and it is part of Duna Colligere, and linked to Aurora – Center for Cultural and Linguistic Studies in Norway.

The Nucleus Research of Norwegian Studies in Brazil is composed of three sectors: Cultural and Social Studies; Translation and Idiolinguistics, and Science Innovation and Technology.


Aurora Collection

Newspaper – DUNA PRESS

Brazil-Norway Articles


Articles about Norway

Exhibitions – Duna ArtGallery


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Surveys and studies – Nucleus Research of Norwegian Studies in Brazil

Education / Teaching / Pedagogy

Environment / Renewable energies / rural revival

Aquaculture / Marine Biology / Blue Amazon

Architecture / Urban Planning / Engineering

Folklore / Mythology / History

Literature / Comparative Literature

Linguistics / Idiolinguistics / Neurolinguistics

Translation / version

Norwegian Language

Norwegian Culture

Navigations / Expeditions / Navy

Shipbuilding / Oil / Pre-salt / Gas

Philosophy / Ethics


Music / Fine Art / Performing Arts

Science / Technology / Innovation

Moral and Civic Education

Quality of life / self-sufficiency / smart consumption


Politics / Economics



Brazil – Norway subjects

About the Coordination of the Nucleus Research:
Clarissa Xavier Machado is a Licentiate in Liberal Arts, postgraduate in Translation and Bachelor in Law at UFF Universitiy, University City Center, Gama Filho University and Estácio de Sá University (UNESA). She participated in several seminars, conferences, meetings and symposia in the areas of Classical Liberal Arts and Law. She was awarded a scholarship by CNPq / PROPP in 1998 at UFF and participated in the VIII Seminar on Scientific Initiation – Vasconcellos Torres Science and Technology Prize as a scholarship holder. She was a member of Juridical Nucleus Research in 2006 at UNESA and presented work at the VI Meeting of Law Researchers. She studied at the Oxford English Center (Oxford, UK) and is a regular member of Brazilian Literary Circle at Navy Club with regular contributions to Mare Nostrum Magazine. In 2017, she joined Brazil-Norway cultural movement (DUNA) and presently she is CSA, COO-MG and Vice President Duna. She is also Duna Press editor-in-chief, Duna Writers author and creator of Aurora – Center for Cultural and Linguistic Studies together with Paulo Fernando de Barros. She is a student of Norway language and culture and in 2018 she joined the group of Brazilian professionals and intellectuals in Norway at the Embassy of Brazil in Oslo, and will be one of the collaborators of the 2018 Oslo Embassy Anthology.
Clarissa Xavier Machado works directly with the Architect Paulo Fernando de Barros, Norwegian BAP Duna Gruppen CEO and developer of dozens of programs and projects including Aurora – Center for Cultural and Linguistic Studies. Architect with 5 specializations: Self-Sufficient Urban Architecture, Computer Science, Political Science, Philosophy and Business Administration, he has several courses, certifications and works in Bærekrafitige Arkitektonisk Planer (“Sustainable Architectural Plans”). Paulo Fernando de Barros is co-founder of the Brazilian Cultural Movement – DUNA NGO CORPORATION, and is the developer of all programs and projects in both Literature and Architecture areas. At present, he is a student of Geopolitics.


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