The book, product of investigation and research for years both in Brazil and United States, concerns an extensive study about Biblical, Caustic, Exobiology, Astrobiology and Astronomy in which the author José Angelini Aquino presents several topics, reports and theses about homo capensis, reptilians and angels, including the fallen ones.

It regards issues related to ancient civilizations, archaeological finds and various reports of visions and abductions in many parts of the world and at different times of mankind´s History. Torah, Zohar, and especially Bible found the theories provided by the writer who also proposes an analysis on the ideas of Erich von Däniken and Thomas Horn. Many passages and several books of the Bible are quoted, as well as the books of Enoch and Jasar, which although they are not part of the biblical canon are referenced in the Bible. 

The work covers areas of study such as Religion, Theology, Bible, Christianity, Judaism, Science, Hermeneutics, Exegetics, Philosophy, Ufology / Ovniology, History, Archeology, Mythology, Symbology and Esoterism bringing up controversial and provocative themes such as Nephilim Atlantis, Aliens, Aliens, Abduction, Area 51, Flying Saucers, Spaceships, Military Bases, Roswell Case, Vatican Observatory, NASA, Conspiracy Theory, Homo Capensis, Serpent Beings, Illuminatis, New World Order, Alien Agenda, Vril , Nazism, Genetic Warfare, World War II and Hitler. And if you think that’s all you’re wrong, because the author still comments on mythical beings such as centaurs, werewolves, fauns, vampires, batsman, serpent woman, cyclops, jellyfish, minotaur, unicorns, pegasus, elves and even X -Men and Men in Black.

With a theoretical basis extremely focused on books like Pentateuch, Genesis, Apocalypse and Book of Ezekiel, the work makes a journey through Anunnaki legends, prophecies of Saint Malachy and Mahabharata. As may be expected in cases involving extraterrestrials, there are many narratives about abduction cases and alleged genetic experiments on spacecraft as well as strange speeches by former presidents of the United States and Russia on the subject. Finally, the vision of Brazilian scientist Marcelo Gleiser about life on other planets is addressed.

The book also provides etymological data in Greek and Latin and a glossary of ufological terms, which makes this work even more precious and a rich source of information.

The theme concerns Religion – Theology – Bible – Christianity – Judaism – Angels – Science – Exobiology – Astrobiology – Astronomy – Hermeneutics – Exegetics – Philosophy – Ufology / Ovniology – Mythology – Ancient Mythology – Symbology – Esotericism – Nephilim – Atlantis – Aliens – Abduction – Area 51 – Military Bases – Roswell Case – Vatican Observatory – NASA – Conspiracy Theory – Homo Capensis – Serpent Beings – Illuminatis – New World Order – Alien Agenda – Vril – Nazism – Genetic Warfare.

The question is: extraterrestrial gods, angels or demons? What the Bible says?



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