Woman With a Book Project for Integral Human Development is a humanitarian project designed by teacher Clarissa Xavier Machado specially for women. The project endeavors to help families to reach a better IDH as well as be independent and self-sufficient. Our motto is “let´s stand up with books in our hands in order to study, research and implement possible and effective actions for an intelligent, responsible and self-reliant life”. Steb by step. Still in construction but but sooner it will be great.

Books are our inspiration that´s why we will present women writers who works on themes related to biodiversity and environment, the so-called eco-writers. We also will promote research, debates and actions on:

Teaching for Integral Human Development (Biodiversity, Self-sufficiency and intelligent consumption);

Resource management, waste management, family self-reliant and prosperity (organic food, renewable energy and ecovillage);

Bioliterature, Ecopoetry, Ecolinguistics and Ecosophy;

Entrepreneurship with literature and biodiversity;

Environmental context in literature;

Seminars, reports and articles from European Association for the Study of Literature, Culture and Environment (EASLCE), Association for the Study of Literature and Environment and the Nordic Network of Interdisciplinary Environmental Studies (NIES) and European Environmental Humanities Alliance;

Parallels with literary schools (movements) like Classicism, Symbolism and Romanticism;

Construction of feminine identity from nature;

Ecofeminism, rural women and eco-critical terminologies;

International congress of Literature and Environment;

Recycling, Education and Biodiversity;

Ecocritics and Shakespearean studies.

Special writers for the project: Lisa Kivirist (Rural Renaissance), Cheryll Glotfelty (Ecocriticism Reader), Rachel Carson (Silent Spring), Carolyn Ross Johnston (Cherokee Women Voices), Andrea Barnet (Visionary Women: How Rachel Carson, Jane Jacobs, Jane Goodall and Alice Waters changed our world), Eila Kundrie Carrico (The Other Side of The River: stories of women), Elizabeth Kolbert (Planet Earth in Peril), Clarissa Pinkola Estés (Women Who Run With the Wolves), Kate Southwood, author living in Norway (Falling to Earth); and children´s favorite Beatrix Potter (Peter Rabbit).


  1. Know
  2. Create
  3. Develop
  4. Accomplish


Development of the IHD, education, entrepreneurship and rural renaissance to empower families and restore values and principles.

Action plan – the butterfly workshop

  1. Moral and Civic Education: ethics in the family
  2. Psychology and motivational: the power of the family
  3. Entrepreneurship
  4. Ecological Philosophy
  5. Ethics in the family
  6. Economics, Finance and administration knowledge for families
  7. Spiritualism and ecology
  8. Gastronomy, food, organic food and home made
  9. Self-sufficient
  10. Vocational courses

Practical plan – the via rosa

Transformation of places: ecological units, sustainable planning use and bioconstruction, green infrastructure, community grade and orchard, bike paths, rainwater collection and use, solar energy, waste disposal, removal and collection solutions.

In Our Hand Mission

Education program for Self-sufficient, Entrepreneurship, Biodiversity in the daily life, and Family Business and Agriculture.

Writers – 2019 Edition

Alice Munro

Alissa Callen

Amanda Coplin

Amy Evans

Amy Greene

Andrea Barnet

Angela Saini

Anna Sewell

Annette Marfording

Annie Dillard

Anthea Hodgson
Nicole Hurley-Moore
Penelope Janu

Barbara Hannay

Barbara Kingsolver

Beatrix Potter

Betty Jean Craige

Caitlin O’Connell

Carol Nourse

Carol Ruckdeschel

Carolyn Ross Johnston

Cathryn Hein

Charlene D’Avanzo

Chellis Glendinning

Cheryl Adnams

Cheryll Glotfelty

Chris Enss

Clarissa Pinkola Estés

Eanna Ni Lamhna

Edith Clements

Eila Kundrie Carrico

Elaine Morgan

Elizabeth Fournier

Elizabeth Kolbert

Elizabeth Marshall Thomas

Ellery Akers

Elspeth Huxley

Eve Kenin

Fiona McArthur
Fleur McDonald
Trish Morey

Flannery O´ Connor

Florence Williams

Genny Smith

Getzel M. Cohen

Helene Young
Penelope Trunk

Ilka Tampke

Jane Clarke

Jane Goodall

Janisse Ray

Jeannine Davis-Kimball

Jennie Jones
Mandy Magro
Lily Malone

Jennifer Scoullar
Tricia Stringer
Michael Trant

Jessica Speart

Joanna Macy

Joy Adamson

Joyce Stranger

Judith A. Layzer

Juliette De Bairacli Levy

Karen Piper

Kathryn Aalto

Kim Kelly

Leonie Rogers

Linda Tucker

Lisa Kivirist

Louise Erdrich
Kate Southwood

Lu Ann Jones

Lucy Moore

Margaret Leslie Davis

Marie-Rose Phan-Le

Marilyn Johnson

Marilynne Robinson

Marita Smith

Martie Haselton

Mary Austin

Mary Evelyn Tucker

Mary Woodbury

Melissa Harrison

Meredith Appleyard

Meredith Hooper

Molly Bang

Naomi Klein

Pamela Cook
Catherine Evans

Pat Toth-Smith

Patti Wheeler

Rachel Carson

Rebecca Dunham

Rebecca Rothenberg

Robin Wall Kimmerer

Rosalie Ham

Sarah Andrews

Sarah Barrie

Sasha Wasley

Shannon Elizabeth Bell

Sheila Watt-Cloutier

Shelley Emling

Shelley Wright

Shirley Patton

Susan R. Schrepfer

Toni Morrison

Ursula Goodenough

Victoria Houston

Virginia Arthur

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Don’t wait for future.

Be the future!

Clarissa Xavier Machado

Founder of the Woman with a Book Project for Integral Human Development

Coordinator of In Our Hands Mission

Creator of Panapaná Women Network for Ecovillages

CXM EcoFuture&BioEducation

The future is in our hands!

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