The book presents a comparative study between the first constitutions of Brazil (Constitution of the Empire of Brazil, 1824) and that of the Kingdom of Norway (1814 – till day) in order to draw parallels showing how the first Constitution of Brazil was advanced and may still be considered current, although it has not received the pertinent updates over the centuries.

Traditional values, territorial unity, popular sovereignty, liberalism, Council of State, Rights and individual guarantees, Declaration of Human and Citizen’s Rights, Principle of separation of powers, legality, non-retroactivity of law and Due Process of Law, Property Law and the abolition of cruel punishments are some of the topics scrutinized, with the aid of synoptic tables.

It’s really a great contribution to the academic life of professionals, researchers and students in the areas of Law, Political Science, International Relations / Foreign Relations, History, Cultural and Social Studies and Philosophical Sciences.

The work is the first study guide of International Comparative Law focused on the Brazilian and Norwegian Constitutions, and it is opened with the poem “Grito do Ipiranga” by amazing Brazilian writer Mr. Machado de Assis.

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Constitution of the Empire of Brazil and Constitution of the Kingdom of Norway – Comparative Study (Comparative Law)

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