Fantastic saga about biodiversity, marine life and ocean health with our good friends Tupi and Sami!

In the city where I was born has a river called Tietê is especially for the children so they can learn about the mismanaged trash issue, its impact in human health, fauna, agriculture and livestock; moreover it´s about how waste is crossing transoceanic borders putting other nations at risk. It’s not only about people in the neighborhood of Tietê River but also next to other rivers, seas and lakes: they could not drink the water of the river, nor use its natural resources to feed themselves, to plant or to fish for the river was dead: no fishes, no plants, no life, no oxygen, no swimming or practicing neither sports nor tourism activities for the water is contaminated, dirty, smelly and dark; filled with bacteria, thus a huge focus for proliferation of virus, germs and diseases, some of them lethal.

Children will learn to develop respect for biodiversity; encourage dialogues about marine life; promote ways to reduce transoceanic garbage; establish methods to control trash pollution in waterways, stimulate solutions to avoid plastic waste pollution and to clean-up ocean. Finally, they will discover ways to deal with ocean trash.

* In the city where I was born has a river called Tietê – “has a river” – according to Semantic Grammar as in Fung, R.S.-Y. 2000. Semantic Extension and Pragmatic Inference. Doctoral dissertation. The Ohio State University. Page: 159.

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