Children’s rights are dishonoured everyday in Brazil. They don’t have the minimum standards human rights really guaranteed and they are in constant danger.

Violence, poverty and the lack of high quality education are some of the reasons for a chaos that have been affecting deeply Brazilian children. It’s not safe to play outside; it’s not safe to walk on the streets and sometimes nor even to go to school.

Children always fear something or someone. Many of them suffer psychological aggression and bullying, and some are sexually abused. There are children been kidnapped and murdered. There is a list of a thousand children’s rights violated. And no one seems to take control of the situation. People think that a better public security and new laws will be excellent solutions, however the point is that if people were not well-educated no law will be enough.

Fundamental rights and principles such as dignity, right to be safe, right to be well-educated and the right to happiness are just ignored under the quote “violence is normal”.

No, it is not normal! At least it shouldn’t be. If “the normal” is something like this, there is something terribly wrong…

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