Ode to Norway 
(Clari Machado)

 Poem dedicated to His Majesty King Harald V of Norway

 Once upon a time I heard about a kingdom
 And I could not help but think
 It would be some kind of fairy tale
 Edda, Thor, runes, Eric and Vikings
 “Yes, we love this country!”

 I could tell by the History
 That it may be a dream
 I could call it Heaven
 Or still Utopia.

 Perfect water, perfect air
 And perfectly green…
 Promised Land
 “Yes, we love this country!”

 I could tell by the people
 That perhaps it is the Land of Lords
 I could describe it as Dreamland
 Or even Blessed Land
 Nevertheless I guess Homeland describes it better.

 Northern Lights
 Midnight Sun
 “Yes, we love this country!”

 Reverence and honour
 I owe to this realm
 For it is my eternal inspiration 
 And I just can not wait to be
 Somehow, someday part of it.

 “Yes, I love this country!”

 My way.

“Ja, vi elsker dette landet”.


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