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Informação com ética e transparência


Book: In the city where I was born has a river called Tietê

Duna Store: eco-friendly

Aurora Institute – Norway

Constitution of the Empire of Brazil and Constitution of the Kingdom of Norway – Comparative Study (Comparative Law)

Ode to Norway

Defending butterflies

Atlantic Forest Day

Why is in Brazil the spiritual capital of the New Millennium?

Aurora Institute News: Colligere Awards

Portuguese World Studies: books for teaching

Violence in Brazil: children in constant danger

Children´s rights: the right to have a family

Children´s rights: the right to play

A seed with Thor and Loki

Extraterrestrial gods, angels or demons? What the Bible says?

The Gender & Sex Conference

Nucleus Research of Norwegian Studies in Brazil

International Forum On Norwegian Language Teaching

Aurora Institute News: Conferência da Comunidade dos Países de Língua Portuguesa

Aurora Institute News: Butterfly Magazine celebrates Lusophony

Aurora Institute: Centre for Portuguese and Lusophone Studies 

Luso Kids

Woman With a Book Project for Integral Human Development

In Our Hands Mission 

Theotokos Association asks for help to aid more than 50,000 Venezuelans displaced in Brazil


We are the ocean

People in blue soul (For World Autism Awareness Day)


A person 

Still Jazz

Rock this world

A letter to… Jane Austen and Mr. Lefroy

Persinette & Rumpelstichen

Wonderland Song

Day 3

Mr. Perfect

Prince Charming



The Butterfly is a girl 

She´s Aquarius

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